Friday, January 5, 2018

Winter Themed Speech Therapy Activity

Hi speechies!

Is it just me or is January kind of an awkward month for therapy in schools? October-December is packed with holiday themed activities that are fun and engaging for our students.

Then we go away for winter break and return in January to cold weather and are expected to jump right back into it.

We only got 1.5 weeks for break this year so I wanted to make sure that the first activity that I came back to school with was engaging, motivating, and exciting for the kiddos. I give you:

I came up with a game called SLIDING SNOWBALLS and my kids went totally crazy over it. So crazy that we're playing it again next week! You can grab your SLIDING SNOWBALLS game in my TpT store!

Here's the rundown:

- I printed out an igloo, laminated it (mine is from Teaching in the Tongass), and hot glued it to a tissue box.

- I put together 5 stacks of question cards: opposites, synonyms, wh- questions, categories, and social skills. Each stack has 20 question cards.

- I wrote the 5 categories on a piece of paper, balled them up into "snowballs" and put them in the brown paper bag.

- The kids take turns drawing a category out of the bag and then answering a question from that stack. After they answer the question they get to slide the snowball (aka a pom pom) into the igloo. We keep track of points on the white board.


Let me know if you try this activity with your kiddos! I'll use this through mid-January then I'll be busting out ALLLLL of the emotion activities for Valentine's Day!

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