Sunday, August 27, 2017

DIY Teacher Toolbox + Setting Up My Grad School Planner

Hi speechies!

Y'all...I start my graduate program TOMORROW! I can't believe it's finally here. It seems like I've been working to get to this place for so long! Eeeek, I'm so excited to share my journey here over the next few years.

ANYWAY, today's post is a 2 for 1:

I'm showing y'all how I built my own teacher toolbox AND how I set up my planner for my first semester of grad school!

The DIY teacher toolbox part of the video starts @ 34:00 and the planner part of the video starts @23:03.

BUT I'd love for you to watch the whole's a vlog of my second week of teaching!

I just put the white marble labels that I used in my toolbox up in my TpT store so you can grab those. The toolbox that I used can be found here. I've heard it's also on Amazon, too.

Let me know if you have any questions ☺️


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Top 10 Back To School Buys - School Supplies Haul

Hi speechies! Raise your hand if you have NO CHILL when it comes to buying school supplies 🙋 Great, then you're in the right place!

I filmed a video for my YouTube channel showing you my top 10 back to school buys:

Make sure you subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on future videos! And don't forget to leave me a comment telling me what your #1 back to school buy is!


Sunday, August 20, 2017

3 Things Every SLP Student Should Own

Hi speechies and happy Sunday!

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that every SLP/future SLP has a little bit of a nerd in them...or maybe it's just me? 🤓 Either way, these 3 things are just TOO cute not to share with y'all!

YOU GUYS. This is the ULTIMATE speechie clipboard. I was looking for a cute one and I typed in "best SLP clipboard" and although this one isn't SUPER cute, it is packed with info. It's one of my favorite Amazon finds EVER. When I shared it in my Instagram stories I had SO many people reach out and ask where it's from so now ya know. Here are some of the things listed on the front/back of it:
  • List of cranial nervies
  • Phonetic symbols
  • Phonological processes
  • Mean length utterance averages/formula
  • Fundamental frequency averages
  • Aphasia impairment levels
  • Hearing loss degrees
  • CVA effects
  • Swallowing phases
  • Rancho Los Amigos scale
  • Goal Writing Components
  • Developmental Milestones
...and a few others! It is seriously such a resourceful tool and I know I'm going to get so much use out of it!

two. Speech bubble paperclips

It's no secret that SLPs are responsible for A LOT of paperwork. So we might as well use cute pens, paper, and accessories...right? A sweet friend of mine was at IKEA and saw these speech bubble paperclips. She scooped them up for me and they are so precious! It's the little things!

Okay so these are KIIIIND of intense, I know, but I just couldn't resist! I was looking for TOMS with speech bubbles on them and couldn't find any. The next day, these came up in a FB ad so naturally I jumped at buying a pair. I haven't received them yet, but I'll be sure to come back with an update once I do! I think they'll be really fun to wear to the clinics during my practicums.

What are some SLP must have items on your list? Let me know!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

5 Things a First Year Teacher Should Know

Hello speechies!

I'm alive, I did it! I survived my first week as a special education K-12 P.E. teacher...and I want to tell you all about it!

I'll give you a quick rundown of the 5 points, but make sure to watch the video below for full details (and a reflection of my first week)!

So you're a first year teacher? What do you need to know? Here is my advice to first year teachers:







Saturday, August 12, 2017

First Year Teacher Nerves

Hello speechies!

Y'all, I start with my kiddos on Monday...MONDAY! For those of you who may not know, I am starting my first year of teaching so I thought it would be fun to film the First Day Jitters Tag!

Here are the questions that I answered in the video: 

1. Did you pick out your outfit for the first day of school? If so, show it to us. 2. What are you looking forward to the most in regards to the upcoming school year? 3. What are you most anxious or nervous about in regards to the upcoming school year? 4. What is one area, or thing you'd like to improve upon this school year? 5. Do you feel prepared for the first day of school? 6. What will you miss most about summer? 7. How do you plan to improve your work/ life balance this year? 8. What is the biggest challenge that comes with the start of the school year? 9. Did you work hard or play hard this summer?
10. Are you a new teacher (0-3 years) or an experienced teacher (3+ years)?

And here is the video:


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to Get Into SLP Programs with a Low GPA

Hi speechies!

I am THRILLED with how many of you have reached out to me with questions about getting into grad school...that is the main reason I created TSS! I compiled all of the questions that I got and filmed a YouTube video answering all of them ☺️ I really focused on answering the questions from the perspective of someone who has a lower undergrad GPA (same boat, sister).

Here are the questions that I answered PLUS what time in the video they are answered:

NOTE: FAQ Portion of the video starts at 11:30. If you click the times, you'll be taken right to that spot in the video! 1. What did you score on the GRE? (14:00)
2. What did you use to study for the GRE? (16:15)
3. Did you apply to any schools that didn't require the GRE? (18:54)
4. How many / what schools did you apply to? (19:06)
5. How much do application fees usually cost? (20:43)
6. What was your GPA? (22:21)
7. Did you work while in undergrad? (25:25)
8. How many classes did you take per semester while in undergrad? (26:01)
9. How did you find SLPs to shadow? (26:43)
10. How did you decide which part of the field you wanted to pursue? (28:03)
11. Thoughts about getting a job in the field vs. a random job while in school? (30:36)
12. How did you ask for letters of recommendation? (31:29)
13. How many letters did you have and who were they from? (35:19)
14. How do you make yourself stand out as an applicant? (35:52)

And here is the video:

I just posted the video last night and I've already received so much positive feedback about it! I hope it helps you out - let me know if you have any other questions!


Saturday, August 5, 2017

Free Weekly Grocery List Template

Hi speechies!

I've been scurrying around trying to get my life as orderly as possible before I start grad school and my new jobs later this month. I've cleaned out and organized closets, made appointments, and revamped our home's grocery list template...which brings me to today's post:

I figured some of y'all could get some use out of this ☺️ Just click here to download it for free! I like to write what we're having for dinner in the left column. And I have "dairy-ish" because we use almond milk at our house, haha!

I'm planning on creating more freebies that you can use to organize your grad school coursework once I get rolling in my program so stay tuned!

P.S. I used AG fonts in the template!


Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Favorites: Books, Protein Bars, Beauty Products, Etc.

Helloooo speechies!

I am officially back from California and settling back into my routine. We had THE best time but now I'm in total back to school mode 😅

I wanted to film one last fun summer video so I give y'all:

Enjoy! And don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel! :)

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