Friday, October 5, 2018

Fall Speech Therapy Activities

Hi speechies!

October is in full swing and I am so excited because I LOVE themed therapy! Themed therapy is so easy to plan for from October to December.

I've pulled out my fall + Halloween activities and wanted to do a little round up post to share them with y'all!

Let's get into it! You can click on the name of each product to be taken to it in my TpT store. Here are 7 activities that I'm doing in speech over the next few weeks:

I love using Bingo in therapy because you can adapt it to target SO many goals: articulation, describing, wh- questions, turn taking, following directions...ALL THE THINGS!

I thought it would be fun to have a Halloween version of Bingo, too! I use googly eyes as the game pieces to make it even more festive!

This game involves giving each student a brown bag to collect their leaves in. They take turns rolling the dice and whatever number they roll, that's how many cards they pick up from their sound pile.

This one is a big hit and SO SIMPLE! The kiddos roll the dice and say a word from the list that many times. For each word that they say with their good speech sounds, they get a googly eye to add to their board.

This activity is loved by SLPs and students alike! SLPs love how easy it is (NO PREP!) and the students are so engaged in the activity. Each student gets a sheet and the SLP reads off the 10 directions one by one. Great for the littles who are working on following directions.

I have quite a few DHH kiddos on my caseload this semester who are working on sentence structure so this is what I whipped up for them. They are loving that the pictures are realistic rather than clipart...and I am too!

This is another no prep following directions activity but it's turned up a notch, because it involves coloring, cutting, and gluing!

What are you doing in therapy this season?

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