Wednesday, January 10, 2018

How to Stay Organized in Grad School

Hi speechies!

I shared this over on Instagram and I got really great feedback so I wanted to make sure I shared it over on the blog, too!

It's no secret that managing grad school classes + work + life is tough. It's also no secret that organization is my love language so I wanted to share with y'all how I organize all of my materials for my graduate courses.
  • CLASS TO-DOS LIST: This template is in my TpT store. I write down all of the assignments/readings that I want to complete each day for each class. Seeing a daily breakdown of the work that I need to complete really helps me stay on top of everything.
  • PLANNER: I am using a planner from Horacio Printing this year and I LOVE the simplicity of it! There is a master to-do list each week on the left page and on the right page (shown above) you can see each day. On the left side of weekly spread I write down any events that I have to do that day (class meetings, appointments, etc.). On the right I put post-it notes with anything that is due. Each class is assigned a color. This is great because if an assignment due date changes I can just pick up the post-it note and move white out or scribbling out over here!
  • MASTER ASSIGNMENT LIST: I like to have every assignment that is due throughout the semester for each class all in one place. I put them in date order. And y' is SO satisfying to cross them off once you turn in the assignment. Seriously!
I hope this helps you stay organized this semester!


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  1. what cursive font do you use on your master assignment list?


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