Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Targeting Sequencing + WH Questions in Speech Therapy

Hi speechies!

I don't think y'all know how excited I am to share this product with y'all:

Sometimes we have 10 million things going on and it's just not a priority to bust out an intricate, cutesy therapy activity, am I right? ENTER: SPARK cards.

This little box has 8 sets of picture cards that each contain 6 picture scenes. You can adapt these sets to meet the needs of each of your students/clients by cutting out the last 2-3 cards when necessary to target lower level sequencing/retelling skills.

My favorite uses for these cards:

  • story retelling
  • sequencing
  • problem solving
  • predicting
  • prompting basic wh questions
  • improved sentence formulation
  • practicing use of verbs and verb tenses
  • practicing use of prepositions
  • practicing use of nouns and pronouns
And honestly I could go on and on.

Each set provides the user with a hypothetical problem solving scenario and wh- questions to use for no prep therapy...WHICH IS THE BEST KIND OF THERAPY.

Have you heard of Spark cards? What are some of your favorite low prep therapy activities that target multiple goals?


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