Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Social Skills Game for Speech and Language

Hi speechies!

We are in full on holiday mode during my speech sessions right now! I created this game for my older crowd and wanted to share it because it's been a hit:

Here's the deal:
  • There are 20 holiday-based social scenarios crumpled up as "snowballs" and put in the brown bag.
  • The kids take turns pulling a snowball out of the bag and reading the social situation. We work through the scenarios together. 
  • Following each scenario the questions listed are: How can this situation be handled in an expected manner? What would be an unexpected way to handle this situation? We use the terms "expected" and "unexpected" behavior at my school.

It's so simple but my kiddos LOVE reaching into the brown bag! It keeps them engaged and excited about what we're doing.

You can grab this social skills activity in my TpT Store now!


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