Monday, January 15, 2018

Say It or Think It Social Filter Activity for Speech Therapy

Hi speechies!

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ANYWAAAAY. Today I want to share a SOCIAL THINKING activity with y'all! In my high school groups we are working on learning when to say things vs. just think them - aka we are getting in tune with our SOCIAL FILTERS!

I came up with 20 social thoughts to read to the students. They are going to listen to the thought then hold up the "THINK IT" speech bubble if they think it's a thought they should keep in their brain or the "SAY IT" mouth if it's a thought they think they should say out loud.

I'm really excited to implement this activity this week! I try to come up with REAL LIFE social scenarios so that they carryover the skills into their everyday lives.

You can grab this activity in my TpT store!

What are some ways that you teach using social filters?


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