Monday, January 22, 2018

Editable Assignment Tracker FREEBIE!

Hi speechies!

I've had quite a few of y'all reach out to me asking if I could upload my assignment tracker template soooo I made that happen :)

This is how I keep track of all of my assignments for all of my classes. I like having all of my due dates in one place. Plus it feels SO good crossing them off when they're complete!

I went ahead and made this a freebie in my TpT store - you do need a program that allows you to edit PDFs to edit it. I use Adobe Acrobat.

You can grab yours here!



1 comment

  1. Actually pretty convenient tracker, thanks for the sweet freebie!! To somehow structure the crazy days at the university and combine them with a half-day work, of course, I need to keep everything under control. For example, I don't always have time to prepare my homework even with my good structured schedule. Sure, it was already more than once (probably the stars are guilty), but even in the most difficult situation with homework, I can to change the circumstances by resorting to the help of homework experts Sometimes I almost have no strength to carry out all classes and devote some time to holiday and family, but I try to combine the rest and education quite competently as it possible) So only one thing I wanna say, may the Force be with us!


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