Monday, June 11, 2018

Social Skills for Speech Therapy: Conversation Partner Sorting

Hi speechies!

Y'all should know by now that social skills are MY JAM! I'm all about social skill building activities. I did this with my high schoolers and older middle schoolers and it was a HIT!

I had a list of statements that I read aloud and the students had to hold up whether that is something they would say to an adult or to a peer. 

As you can see, I added my Bitmoji to the adult sign just to up the engagement a bit! I also have the non-Bitmoji option of the sign.

Before getting into the activity, we chatted about what a conversation partner is and the typical behaviors with different partners.

Like I said the students really liked this activity and it sparked some really great conversation about this skill. They were able to give me examples of their own and tell me anecdotes of times when they may have misinterpreted a conversation partner norm.

If you're interested in this activity, you can grab it here! This is a great activity to use in a social skills group!


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