Sunday, November 5, 2017

Fall Bingo + Thankful Gift for Teachers

Hi speechies!

I have been a creating madwoman over here and I want to share some new fall products with y'all!

First up is All About Fall Bingo:

I posted a Halloween version of this and it was a hit (with y'all and with my students) so I decided to make an All About Fall version, too!

Here's how I play:

I write clues on the white board for each item (so for example for "pie" I would write something like "A Thanksgiving dessert" or "rhymes with high") and have the kids take turns throwing a sticky ball at the board. Whichever clue the ball lands on, they have to solve it. Once the clue is solved, everyone gets a token to cover that space on their bingo board. It's just a more fun/interactive way to play bingo!

And next up I have a cute little gift tag:

I've seen gift tags all over Instagram and I just adore them! I love the idea of leaving a surprise gift for a teacher at your school and what teacher doesn't love Flair pens?!

You can find both of these items in my TpT store. Click here for bingo and here for the gift tags. I appreciate all of your feedback and support ☺️


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