Friday, October 27, 2017

I Can Statements for Speech and Language

Hi Speechies!

I LOVE the idea of using I can statements in my speech room. I keep them posted where the kiddos can see them and refer back to them. It helps keep everyone (myself included) focused on the task(s) at hand during a therapy session.

I created this fun little "I can" bubble so you can easily post your students' goals, too! Included is the I can speech bubble and 34 speech and language related I can statements. I also added in a blank statement card so that you can write in your own.

A few tips:

I laminated everything and added velcro to the back so I can just stick the statements right on the bubble. I keep it hanging on the white board in my speech room and the kids and I refer back to it frequently during sessions.

You can grab your "I can" speech bubble + statements right here!


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