Sunday, November 12, 2017

Speech Sound Visual Cue Sticks

Hi speechies!

I CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT believe that the week after next is Thanksgiving...please explain! Although I have to be honest, grad school has me counting down the days until Christmas Break 😂 Anyway, I was in need of some aesthetic speech sound visual cue cards for some of my kiddos. I couldn't find any on TpT that were screaming out to me SO I decided to just make my own:

I've already used them with a few kiddos and they are extremely helpful! Here are the details:

These speech sound visual cue sticks can be used for articulation practice in the speech room, in the classroom, or even at home. They are big enough for kids to see the visual. 

Sounds included:
b, p, m, d, t, l, s, z, n, h, w, voiceless th, voiced th, k, g, sh, ch, f, v, j, y, r

sound, mouth visual, voice off/on cue

word with sound in initial position, word with sound in medial position (if applicable), word with sound in final position (if applicable) 

If you're interested in scooping these up, you can find them in my TpT store or by clicking here.


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