Friday, May 11, 2018

Social Skills: Laugh Size Activity for Speech Therapy

Hi speechies!

So if you haven't picked up on it yet - I LOVE SOCIAL SKILLS LESSONS! And I have another one to share with you today. I used this with my middle school social skills groups and they loved it + it targets a skill they really needed to work on.

So I work at a school that serves kiddos with special needs. And lemme just tell ya - they laugh at everything...but not just a chuckle. But like a FULL ON LAUGH. It ends up distracting the entire group and it takes so much time to get everyone back on track.

We started off by chatting about different laugh sizes and when each one is appropriate to use. The kids were really invested in this conversation and they actually took it seriously. The ones who struggled with this the most were able to identify, "Hey, I struggle with this." 

After introducing the concept of different sized laughs, I read the students a few scenarios. They had to hold up which size laugh was appropriate and explain their reasoning.

Super simple but SO effective. 

I'll be walking the halls at my school and hear a student say, "Oops, my laugh is too big right now." They are self-correcting bosses and it makes my #slp2b heart SO happy!

You can grab this resource here. Your social skills groups will love it!


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