Tuesday, May 29, 2018

End of the Year Speech and Language Activities

Hi speechies!

I wanted to share the activity that I did with my kiddos for the end of the year! It was such a hit and *drumroll* LOW PREP!

Here how I used this resource:

I wrote the numbers 1-20 on my white board (randomly scattered all over). I had the kiddos take turns tossing the suction cup ball pictured above at the board. Whichever number it landed on is the number question they had to answer! After they answered the question, they got to ask one peer at the table to respond to the question as well.

Some of the questions are serious and some are just for fun! The kids LOVE throwing the suction cup ball and the questions elicit so much language.

I printed my questions on Astrobrights paper to make them bright and fun. You can scoop this activity up right here.

Happy End of the Year!


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