Wednesday, April 4, 2018

10 Things Every SLP Needs

Hi speechies!

I filmed a YouTube video earlier this week and it was a hit so I wanted to share the info here as well! I'm always trying to find materials that make my SLP(A) life easier and I couldn't do my job without these 10 things (okay I probs could but they make my job WAY easier...)

Y'all. I laminate ALL THE THINGS. My thoughts are: I spend the extra time laminating stuff when I make it so that I don't have to RE-make it next time I want to use it. Laminating materials just makes them last worth it!

I will never use scissors ever again. Kidding, BUT using a paper cutter has really streamlined my material prep time!

*three. Toolbox

I keep mine on my desk and it is a game changer. Having all of my office supplies organized just makes everything easier! I spray painted mine a blue color and I used my white marble labels to name the drawers.

This is what I use to make all of my sticker labels, teacher tees, totes, etc. I prefer the Silhouette Cameo over the Cricut but that's just a personal preference!

I use these with SO many kiddos on my caseload! The visuals really help them and there are target words listed on each one. They were time consuming to make, BUT I only had to make them once and now I'll always have them.

six. Velcro dots + craft sticks

I use a ridiculous amount of both of these...seriously! You can see one way I used craft sticks above with the speech sounds sticks.

seven. Books

I use books in therapy every week. They elicit so much language and keep the kiddos SO engaged!

eight. Glue gun

I'm in the market for a wireless glue gun because I use my current (old) glue gun ON THE REGULAR.

nine. Clipboard

My clipboard is my home base. I use it to track data and jot down notes + ideas during sessions. Mine is a custom clipboard from @hipsterartteacher and I love it!

*ten. Filing/Organization System

If you watch the video down below I chat more about how I use these plastic bins! You can grab them here.

*these are Amazon affiliate links.

You can watch the video version of this info here:


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