Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Weekly Lesson Planning Sheet for SLPs/Teachers

Hi speechies!

Some exciting news - I am finally transitioning from P.E. into speech! I couldn't be more excited and you know that I created a few new products to accompany my transition. I'm going to share my new products with you over the next few weeks ☺️ First up I give you:

Most speech-language pathologists who I know share a love for organization. I put together a weekly lesson planning sheet to help me organize my therapy thoughts and ideas. So far it's been extremely functional and I love it! Doesn't hurt that it's cute, too, am I right?

It's no secret that speech therapists and teachers wear many hats. Having a solid way to lesson plan keeps us organized and sane...which are both important!

The best part? It's totally editable so you can make it work for you! There are 2 options (you can see above): a 2 column option and a 3 column option.

You can download the template here!

Happy planning!


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