Wednesday, August 9, 2017

How to Get Into SLP Programs with a Low GPA

Hi speechies!

I am THRILLED with how many of you have reached out to me with questions about getting into grad school...that is the main reason I created TSS! I compiled all of the questions that I got and filmed a YouTube video answering all of them ☺️ I really focused on answering the questions from the perspective of someone who has a lower undergrad GPA (same boat, sister).

Here are the questions that I answered PLUS what time in the video they are answered:

NOTE: FAQ Portion of the video starts at 11:30. If you click the times, you'll be taken right to that spot in the video! 1. What did you score on the GRE? (14:00)
2. What did you use to study for the GRE? (16:15)
3. Did you apply to any schools that didn't require the GRE? (18:54)
4. How many / what schools did you apply to? (19:06)
5. How much do application fees usually cost? (20:43)
6. What was your GPA? (22:21)
7. Did you work while in undergrad? (25:25)
8. How many classes did you take per semester while in undergrad? (26:01)
9. How did you find SLPs to shadow? (26:43)
10. How did you decide which part of the field you wanted to pursue? (28:03)
11. Thoughts about getting a job in the field vs. a random job while in school? (30:36)
12. How did you ask for letters of recommendation? (31:29)
13. How many letters did you have and who were they from? (35:19)
14. How do you make yourself stand out as an applicant? (35:52)

And here is the video:

I just posted the video last night and I've already received so much positive feedback about it! I hope it helps you out - let me know if you have any other questions!



  1. I live 5 min from Bayshore! How cool! I don't know if this is weird or not, but it would be great to chat with you. I'm in undergrad at USF and I am freaking out about going to grad school!


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