Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Organizing Your Grad School Courses

In case you didn't know - organization is my love language, y'all. Seriously...I love me some color coding, labeling goodness!

Let me break it down for you here first:
  • Binder/Expandable Folder:
    I have one binder where I house all of my courses. Each class has a divider. I keep ALL of my lecture notes/handouts in here. After each exam, I clean out that section and add the important papers to my expandable folder.

  • Planner:
    Each course is assigned a sticky note color. I write all assignment due dates/exam dates on the coordinating sticky note and put them on the correct date. This allows me to pick the sticky note up and move it if a due date changes. NO more scratching and scribbling in my precious planner!

  • Laptop:
    I have a "School" folder on my home screen. Within that, each semester has its own folder. Within that, each course has its own folder. This is where I keep copies of assignments I've done or any handouts that were emailed to me.

Okay so now that you've read about it, feel free to watch the video for details!

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