Monday, June 12, 2017

SLP Review Binder to Prepare for Grad School

Hi friends! I shared a quick video of a flip through of my SLP Review Binder on Instagram and a few people wanted a more in-depth look...enter: a blog post!

Planning and organization are my love languages. Nothing makes my heart quite as happy as a beautifully organized planner or color coded lecture notes. That being said, I knew that when I finished my undergrad degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders that I wanted to put together a big review binder that I could use to stay sharp during the summer before starting grad school.

During each class, I would mark certain notes that I knew I wanted to include in this review binder. Then after my last final, I came home and pulled all of those notes out and organized them into 5 sections:

In the "Clinic Aids" section you will find things like:
  • Helpful handouts for parents that explain what an SLP does/common SLP terms/how to best understand assessment scores
  • Data collection cheat sheet
  • Theme therapy idea chart
  • Hypothetical treatment plans/SOAP notes
  • Book lists organized by speech sound

In the "Neuro + Anatomy" section you will find things like:
  • Diagrams of the brain
  • Diagrams of the vocal tract
  • Cranial nerves chart

In the "Phonetics" section you will find things like:
  • Vowel quadrilateral chart
  • Consonant speech sound chart
  • Helpful information about the IPA and transcription
  • Diacritic review sheet

In the "Language Development" section you will find things like:
  • Language milestone chart
  • Typical speech sound acquisition chart
  • Chronology of phonological processes chart
  • Child phonological processes summary sheet
  • Phonological development PowerPoint presentation

In the "Disorders" section you will find things like:
  • Chart describing speech disorders in detail
  • Chart describing pathologies in detail
  • Chart of aphasia types and their characteristics
  • Chart of dysarthria types and their characteristics

I flip through my binder 1-3 times a week just to keep all of the information at the front of my mind. I don't want to start grad school in August and feel like I forgot everything! I plan on making this a long-term tool. I'll add to it as I embark on my grad school journey and use it to help me prepare for the Praxis.

A lot of the resources in the "Clinic Aid" section of my binder came from Speechy Musings. She shares so many useful tools on her blog! And in case you REALLY want to see an in-depth rundown of what is in my binder, you can watch the flip through video:

I hope you took something useful away from this SLP Review Binder idea! What is something that you would add to yours?



  1. what font do you use to type these? I really like it!

    1. They're PB fonts by A Perfect Blend Teaching :)

  2. I'd like to view this video but its unavailable:( I tried to find it on your youtube channel but did see it. Is there any other way I can view it? It is exactly what i've been trying to do and seems very helpful.

  3. Great list! Do you have the binder available for download? Or for sale?


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